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Key specifics of large cargo transportation in northern regions of Russia

If you are faced with the task of choosing an organization that provides cargo transportation in the Far North, especially when it comes to the transportation of bulky goods, you should consider, firstly, the specific point of delivery of your goods by road. This is due to the fact that the quality of the road surface may not meet the standards that allow the movement of large vehicles along such outdated routes.

An equally important reason for the restrictions is the inability to access the final delivery point, for example, if you need cargo transportation in Komi without crossing the waterways. We are talking about the transportation of goods through pontoon crossings in the summer, when the weight of the loaded car will exceed the maximum load on the pontoon systems used in this section. This means that you can only carry out such a service during a certain season, when the ice becomes strong enough to withstand a large load and finish this process until the ice begins to thaw or ice begins. Ice drift time is the most problematic when transported by specialized freight transport, because pontoon crossings do not work at this time, and you cannot transfer the load by car even with a standard pontoon weight.

What goods are transported to the Far North?

The most common types of cargo when transporting to the Far North, for example, when transporting to Usinsk, are as follows:

  • food products (including alcohol) and medicines;
  • common consumption goods;
  • pipes and spare parts for pipelines;
  • fuel and lubricants;
  • accessories for drilling rigs;
  • machines, mechanisms and accessories;
  • hydrometeorological equipment;
  • cables;
  • building materials;
  • metal rolling and other types of goods.

It should be noted that transportation to the Far North region is in high demand due to the large cargo flow and to choose a reliable company that has worked well in transportation under difficult climatic conditions, there are not so many long distances, and they can be loaded with work in sufficient tight schedule of standing orders.

We recommend that you insure your cargo during transportation, as well as choose vehicles equipped with a navigation and control system, with which you can track the movement of your cargo if you do not plan to personally accompany such a flight.

Before concluding an agreement with a transport company, monitor the market for this type of service in order to know the current level of existing prices. But be sure to consider the fact that the average prices for each hour of work or the actual mileage will be significantly higher than the average Russian prices for the same type of service. This is due to the use of special raising factors adopted for the regions of the Far North.

You can save a little if you manage to find transport in the services of passing cargo, when the cars are returned “empty”, passing through the location of the warehouse (enterprise), where the cargo intended for transportation is located, and the final delivery point will be on the route of this transport facilities.

To reduce the cost of transportation, they use combined systems with the preparation of routes in which water (river) transport and container transportation by rail are involved, if you need to deliver goods to cities such as Inta, Ukhta or Syktyvkar.

Cargo by helicopter to the far north

For urgent items and especially valuable cargo, air transportation is also used, including the delivery of such cargo to remote areas by helicopter. It is much more expensive to deliver cargoes by helicopter to the far north than any other type of transport used for cargo transportation in the conditions of the far north. Therefore, we recommend considering the delivery of goods along the rivers Usa and Pechora, as well as the delivery of goods along the winter road.

Analyze the most profitable transportation schemes and choose the best options for your cargo transportation to remote areas of the Far North.