Special equipment rental

The main activity of OOO TransBurServis is the rental of cargo machinery with a driver. Since 2007, we have developed a complete fleet and processes relevant to work in the Far North.

In our car and ship fleet, we have 2 barges for transporting dry goods and 1 motor ship, as well as 25 units of special equipment.

Water transport

Delivery of any type of cargo up to 200 tons from the main land to Usinsk, Intu along the Pechora and Usa rivers.

Heavy trucks

Trucks with a trawl and a platform are ideal for transporting pipes and construction equipment.


The Kirovets general-purpose wheeled tractor with increased cross-country ability is ideally suited for the construction of a winter road and other large-scale operations in the extreme north.

Front-end loaders

The front-end loader with a loading capacity of 5-7 tons is ideally suited for use in road construction projects in the Usinsk area.


Rent of a truck crane is necessary when moving bulky goods (loading / unloading) and is also indispensable in the construction of small structures.

Water sprinklers

Auto watering machines are widely used for the construction of “winter roads” in the extreme north in the region of Usinsk.

Residential town

Temporary living quarters are widely used for temporary residence of staff. They are specially insulated for a comfortable stay in the Far North.


Tankers are widely used for refueling equipment in massive construction; for example, for refueling “Kirovites” and watering systems during the construction of the “winter road”.


Service for the delivery of management personnel to drilling and construction sites. Possible options for Toyota Hilux and others.