Large cargo transportation

Since 2007, we have delivered more than 100,000 tons of cargo.

Transportation of goods from the "mainland" to Usinsk and other areas of the Komi Republic, Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Arkhangelsk region. We deliver to drilling and construction sites. In winter along the winter road, in summer along the rivers Usa and Pechora.

Our company is engaged in the transportation of bulky goods, oversized cargo, diesel fuel, heavy cargo and any other cargo to the Far North. From November to April, trucking is carried out by truck.

OOO TransBurServis provides special machinery rental services with a driver: a truck crane, a loader, a bulldozer. Cargo transportation services are provided during the navigation period from May to October by water transport (barges) along the rivers Usa, Pechora and their tributaries.

Cargo geography

Our office and transport base are located in Usinsk. We deliver goods from different points of the Komi Republic (Usinsky district, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Arkhangelsk region). Among them are such items as Ukhta, Vuktyl, Shchelyyur, Ust-Ski and Inta. Call to find out the cost and delivery time of your cargo.

large cargo transportation in Komi Republic, Russia (operations map)
Ways of delivery of goods by which transportation is carried out. Most often, this is the delivery of bulky goods from Ukhta to the north of the Komi Republic to such points as Vuktyl, Shchelyyur, Pechora, Ust-Lyzha, Inta and others.

Delivery of goods on barges

As soon as the ice level begins to decline and passes the minimum acceptable thickness limits, the winter transportation service stops (April - May). If you need to deliver people or food to remote areas of the Far North, you will need to turn to the delivery of goods along the northern rivers.

Delivery of goods on the winter road

This type of northern freight transportation differs in universality and favorable cost. Do you need to transport people to your place of work or deliver inventory and food? Delivery of goods by car in the winter season is the ideal solution to this problem.